S+P Entrepreneur Forum: practice-oriented seminars and inhouse trainings

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Advanced educational trainings in 2014 and seminar requirements

For a successful planning of advanced trainings in 2014, our current seminar catalogue is provided for downloading. Seminars are available under the following key sections “strategy & management”, “planning & development”, “management & personnel development”, “sales & marketing”, “business management & controlling”, “rating & bank negotiations”, “business evaluation & succession”, “compliance & authorized representatives” as well as “risk management”.

Individual in-house trainings

S+P Entrepreneur Forum offers also seminars as individual in-house trainings. By using our advanced programs, you are able to develop your own version of advanced trainings which will correspond to the needs of your company. Our in-house trainings enable your employees to receive access to particularly effective seminars. A consistent understanding and a mutual implementation plan will be generated on these seminars. Putting a considerable focus on the quality, you can appreciate a high level of experience and qualification of our seminar speakers.

Custom-made advanced and leadership trainings

The focus of our seminars and trainings concentrates on the financial planning & liquidity management, corporate management, sales, finances, accounting & controlling, rating & bank negotiations, corporate valuation / due diligence & succession, project management, compliance & authorized representatives as well as risk management. S+P Entrepreneur Forum provides you with current information, experience exchange and solutions to manage a direct implementation. You can find an overview of the current topics in the section of our seminar offerings for 2014.

Sector experience from the perspective of our seminar speakers – practical approach

Our seminar speakers include specialists who possess many years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience. Additionally, our seminar speakers operate in the middle-market sphere as well as they are active in the banking, financial and insurance sectors. We focus our attention mainly on machinery- and plant engineering, building industry, logistics and IT services, housing and auto industries, trade segment and non-profit organizations. S+P Entrepreneur Forum gives you the opportunity to receive access to a nationwide and cross-branch experience exchange. This represents an ideal opportunity to forge valuable links and expand your professional network. Through the participation in our seminars and trainings, participants will receive expert knowledge, implementation guidelines, simulation tools and checklists including interactive practice-focused examples.