Money laundering prevention – S+P e-learning for informed employees

Our tailor-made eLearning program is designed to train professionals in financial companies in effective money laundering prevention. We offer tailor-made learning paths and a company license for extensive team training.

With state-of-the-art teaching methods and regular updates, our platform ensures that your team is always trained according to the latest anti-money laundering standards and guidelines.

S+P eLearning Money Laundering Prevention

Especially for your employees: Our e-learning courses are tailor-made to meet exactly the needs and challenges of your employees in this area. This is how we ensure that the content is really relevant and directly applicable.

Always up to date: The courses are constantly updated. This means we guarantee that they always comply with the latest legal requirements. This means your team always stays in line with current compliance regulations.

Hands-on learning: The content of our courses is based on real-world scenarios. This promotes a deep understanding of the application of money laundering prevention measures. Your employees will learn how to implement what they have learned directly into their everyday working lives.

Time-optimized learning units: Each course is designed to be completed in just 45 minutes. This enables efficient transfer of knowledge without disrupting the rhythm of work. This means your employees can continue their training without spending a lot of time.

Learning goals:

  • Latest EU money laundering guidelines: Understanding the latest legal requirements and anti-money laundering guidelines.
  • KYC check according to Section 11 German MLA: Learning the identification process of customers, including the distinction between natural and legal persons.
  • Determination of beneficial owners: Ability to understand ownership structures and correctly identify beneficial owners.
  • Suspicious activity reports: Correct procedure for suspicious activity reports in accordance with Section 43 of the German MLA.


  • Practical case studies: Applying theory to real-world scenarios to deepen understanding.
  • Interactive Learning Modules: Engaging, easy-to-use online lessons to enhance the learning experience.
  • Self-tests and quizzes: Checking learning progress and consolidating the knowledge acquired.
  • Expert tips and insights: Subject-specific insights and advice for use in everyday professional life.

Your benefit:

  • Secure compliance: Ensuring compliance with current legal requirements in the area of ​​money laundering prevention.
  • Increased professional competence: expansion of professional competence in the areas of anti-money laundering and risk management.
  • Practical applicability: Immediate implementation of the knowledge learned in daily work.
  • Avoiding legal consequences: Reducing the risk of sanctions by acting correctly in suspected cases.

Company license eLearning

Strengthen the compliance skills of your entire team! With our corporate license, you benefit from a comprehensive learning offering that is ideally tailored to the needs of companies.

790 €

plus VAT.

Annual license
for up to 40 employees

1,180 €

plus VAT.

Annual license
for up to 80 employees

1,980 €

plus VAT.

Annual license
for up to 160 employees


plus VAT.

Annual license
more than 160 employees

S+P eLearning Money Laundering Prevention: Try it out before you commit!

We understand that choosing the right eLearning platform for money laundering prevention is crucial. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to try out S+P eLearning right here. With our trial version you can take a first look at our eLearning before you decide.

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Three steps to corporate eLearning with S+P:

Booking the
company license

Determine the number of participants and make your selection in the corresponding license package.

Provision of
participant data

Send us the name and email address of the training participants. Nothing more is necessary.

Automatic start of eLearning

After successful registration, each employee receives an individual email. This contains access data and clear instructions on how to use the eLearning platform.

Always in the picture with the dashboard: progress at a glance!

With our integrated dashboard, as the responsible money laundering coordinator, you always keep an overview of your employees‘ learning progress. In real time you can see who has already started the eLearning, who has completed it and where there is still some catching up to do.

This way you can ensure that all employees internalize the required training content and that money laundering prevention measures are consistently implemented in your company.

S+P E-Learning Dashboard

FAQ: Your questions, our answers!

  • How does the dashboard work under the company license?

    The dashboard provides compliance officers and other responsible parties with a central overview of the participation and progress of all employees in the company. This makes monitoring easier and ensures that all employees complete the necessary training.

  • As a compliance officer, can I determine who has taken part in the training and who has not?

    Yes, the dashboard shows detailed attendance reports so the compliance officer can immediately see who has completed training and who is still behind.

  • How do I register my company for the company license?

    Contact us directly via our website or by email to find out more about the registration process and special offers for companies.

  • What advantages does S+P eLearning offer for companies?

    With the corporate license, companies can ensure that all employees are continuously trained and compliant with current regulations and best practices, while compliance officers have easy visibility and control over progress.

  • How does S+P eLearning ensure that the course content remains current?

    We regularly revise and update our courses to ensure they always comply with the latest industry standards and regulations.

  • How secure is my company’s data on the platform?

    The security of your data is our top priority. Our platform uses state-of-the-art security technologies and is GDPR compliant to ensure the protection of your company’s data.

  • Is there technical support if there are problems?

    Yes, our support team is available to help with any technical questions or issues, particularly regarding the dashboard and its functionality for compliance officers.

  • Can international teams also use the platform?

    Yes, S+P eLearning is designed to be accessible to international teams. If you have specific requirements or questions about internationality, please contact our team.